Not only does it provide access to both inside and outside, it accelerates potty-training because dogs don’t typically like to “go” where they sleep. With the Freedom Crate they quickly learn to potty outside while still enjoying the safety of a climate-controlled indoors. But it isn’t just the dog that enjoys the freedom – pet parents do as well, knowing the dog isn’t freely roaming the house and destroying furniture or carpet.   Gina,  Las Vegas, Nevada.  


As full-time working professionals, my wife and I don’t have the luxury to constantly check on our new puppy throughout the day.  The Freedom Crate has given us the ability to potty train our puppy in days rather than the weeks it would ordinarily take.  We love our Freedom Crate and our puppy does too!   Luke, Boulder City 


I fix things for a living and I appreciate it when something is constructed well and goes together easily.   This crate is well crafted, is easy to set up and works as it should.  Chris, Las Vegas 


We have two small adult dogs who are getting older.  They could no longer wait to go outside when we were gone at work or even during the night when we are all sleeping.  Now with the Freedom Crate, the problem is solved. They can go out whenever they need to. No more messes in the house and they often choose to stay in their crate, even when we are home and the crate door is open.  Luis, North Las Vegas.  


We got a new puppy and the Freedom Crate is perfect for us !  My husband and I both work and we don’t have to worry about running home to let her out, as it is way too hot to leave her outside. Meanwhile, our carpet and things are safe until we get home.  Her crate actually potty-trained her !  Dawn, Las Vegas 


If you’re looking to crate train your dog, but still give them outdoor freedom, check out Freedom Crate.  It’s genius.   Henderson Animal Shelter 


Many times folks ask Top Dog K-9 LLC about what kind of crate they should purchase for their pup.  Well, here you go!  My dear friend is truly an artist when it comes to making high quality products!  There is nothing he can’t do.  Please help support this local business and visit their website.  The owner and his family are true dog lovers and they put a lot of time and thought into their products.  Send them a message for all your canine family members’ crate needs.  Top Dog K-9 LLC 


. . .You have such a wonderful product to share with pet parents that’s so important foro their safety and well-being. . .  Paw Partners Unleashed


I love my Freedom Crate!  Instagram:  @mspoppywhoodle