Millions of dogs enter shelters each year

Millions more are fostered for months or even years

Hundreds of thousands are euthanized annually

Bully breeds, large breeds, senior dogs and others are passed by because they are believed to be too destructive and hard to train


The use of a Freedom Crate will create opportunities for even difficult dogs to become successful appreciated members of a forever family

Home furnishings and possessions are protected while owners are away

Dogs can be taught good behaviors on their owner’s schedule

Simply by being in their Freedom Crate, dogs are potty trained, crate trained and pet-door trained

These basic but extremely important changes to pet ownership can weigh heavily in both the decision to adopt a dog from a shelter as well preventing the dog’s return to the shelter when destructive behavior can’t be managed or corrected on the owner’s schedule.


Penny’s Foundation will sponsor adoptions of difficult-to-adopt dogs from animal shelters, dog rescues and dog foster homes.

Freedom Crate, in partnership with Penny’s Foundation, will donate a portion of every Freedom Crate Classic sold to Penny’s Foundation as well as reduce the cost of a Freedom Crate Classic, if purchased in conjunction with a Penny’s Foundation sponsored adoption.  We believe the use of a Freedom Crate Classic will create lasting positive outcomes for dogs and their owners and help put an end to homelessness for dogs.

Provide funds for emergency veterinary care for dogs in shelters and animal rescues.

Offer quarterly $500 grants to animal shelters and rescues for costs associated with the care and re-homing of otherwise homeless dogs.

 A portion of the proceeds from every Freedom Crate purchased goes to Penny’s Foundation.

Together, we can save them!