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May 17, 2021
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May 17, 2021 freedomcrate

Gina is the Managing Partner and Corporate Consigliere for Bongiovi Law Firm. As one of the few native Las Vegans left in town, she is proud to call Las Vegas her home. She is also proud to call herself a Rebel, having graduated magna cum laude from UNLV Honors College with a B.S.B.A. in marketing and a minor in business law. She was one of the first students to earn a dual degree/MBA from William S. Boyd School of Law and College of Business at UNLV. Gina loves to spend time with her four legged children. She has rescued several homeless animals, reunited numerous strays with their owners, and provided pro bono counsel to many animal rescues.

Start-up companies and animals in need of a home are two passions which made Gina the perfect and welcome counsel for Freedom Crate and Penny’s Foundation. Please take a look at Gina’s thoughts about Freedom Crate.



In my life, I have been the full-time caretaker of more than a dozen dogs, and the temporary foster for dozens of lost dogs or rescue fosters. I’ve helped establish and support a number of animal rescues in Las Vegas and have counseled countless people who want to add a dog to their family but don’t know how to manage such a big change.

While many of us find ourselves at home more often than before, we are still venturing out into the world now and then and some of us have returned to our 9-5 grind at an office. One of the biggest obstacles standing in the way of an adoption – of a rescue or a puppy – is how to provide for and protect the dog (and protect the house FROM the dog) when you’re not at home.

I’ve seen too many people forced to choose between leaving a newly adopted rescue or young puppy outdoors, to spare the furniture, or indoors, because we live on the face of the sun. Neither is a long-term solution , especially when trying to potty-train a puppy or socialize a rescue. Dogs need to experience and learn proper behavior both inside and outside the house.


THAT’S WHERE FREEDOM CRATE COMES IN. Not only does it provide access to both inside and outside, it accelerates potty-training because dogs don’t typically like to “go” where they sleep. With the Freedom Crate they quickly learn to potty outside while still enjoying the safety of a climate-controlled indoors. But it isn’t just the dog that enjoys the freedom – pet parents do as well, knowing the dog isn’t freely roaming the house and destroying furniture or carpet. Having lost three couches in six months to such behavior, I wish I’d had the Freedom Crate. . . and some surveillance video so I could identify the true culprit.

I can’t wait for the next call from someone hesitating to adopt because, “What will I do with the dog when I’m not home?” Now, I have an answer, and I look forward to encouraging more adoptions with this major worry finally solved.