Freedom Crate, LLC Owner Inventor Mike Eby, and his wife Deliz, became parents to a very sick Boxer puppy they named Rocco. The pet crate and pet door options on the market left them frustrated to say the least. Every puppy needs to be let out multiple times during a day to prevent accidents and to be trained, and their new puppy was no exception. In Rocco’s case, in addition to being far too young to be left alone in the house, he was far too sick to be locked in a crate for hours. In order to help their beloved puppy, the couple began making multiple trips home during their work day to let him out. Before long, this was too taxing on their work schedules and with the hot Las Vegas sun, leaving him outside was not an option either. They needed a solution to their problem, so Mike did what Mike does best: He thought outside the box and created one. He created a dog crate that would allow Rocco to have unrestricted ingress and egress from their home in their absence, while at the same time keeping him restricted to his crate once inside the house. It worked beautifully. Rocco had a safe, stress-free environment in their absence and Mike and Deliz had the freedom to do what they needed to do without worrying about their puppy or running home multiple times to let him in or out. Rocco was brought back to health, crate trained, pet-door trained and potty trained all at the same time through the use of his new Freedom Crate®.

As an adult dog, Rocco continued to benefit from his Freedom Crate®, coming and going as he wished, while Mike and Deliz were at work or attending their children’s many sporting and school events. Their carpet and household furnishings continued to be protected, as even grown and trained dogs can have accidents or be destructive from time to time when they are left alone. Their lives were forever changed.

Not content to stop there, Mike had his invention patented and began preparing to open the doors of Freedom Crate, LLC, enabling him to offer this same freedom that he and his were experiencing to pet owners everywhere.